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A Few Customer Reviews

At Dear Lovely You, we take pride in our quality products and great customer service. We strive to make you a happy, long-term customer.

Our Journals, Books and Designer Nail Wraps are receiving rave reviews. Check them out.


Never painting my nails again!

"I get so many compliments on my nail wraps.  People are surprised to find out that they are nail polish wraps and not professionally done in a salon. Since these look great and are easy to apply, I will never paint my nails again.  This picture is of my nails after 7 days of wear."  - Rebecca D. 

I Love This Book

"I love this book so much that I'm buying one for each of my adult children.  They will benefit from the quotes just as I have." - Brenda Wright 

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Fun and Enlightening

"Wow, this journal is so cool.  I look forward to filling it out each day and finding out more about what makes me tick.  It's a fun journal and enlightening at the same time."  I hope the author writes another one by the time I'm finished with this one." - Barb Scranton

My Friend Loves the Guided Medical Journal

"I bought the Healing Medical Journal for a friend of mine who just had major surgery and will be recovering for 6-8 weeks. She called today to tell me how much she uses the journal and how helpful it's been in tracking her medication intake as well as her progress. She highly recommends this book." - Sam Wagner